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Pines Dropping Needles

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Our Supplier Featured on NBC's Green Economy

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M is for Mycorrhizae!

Does your program schedule include "RFLM"? No? Do you know what it is?
RFLM is the service generally recommended every other year for trees & shrubs. We inject deep into the Root system a Liquid solution of slow release Fertilizer, sulfur, iron, micro-nutrients and the root enhancer Mycorrhizae.  Want to know more about Mycorrhizae? The science behind Mycorrhizal applications is being featured on NBC's Green Economy show October 13, 2012.  Click here for the rough cut preview.  (Check your local listings for the final version)

Is this your year for "RFLM"? Do you have trees that are not thriving? Call to have the tree expert for your area stop by to measure & explore the benefits of having a deep root feeding with Mycorrhizae done this fall!

Taking It Slow - Input by Ken Mays,President

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Total Landscape Care Magazine featured in their March 2012 issue an article on the use of slow release polyon fertilizer and the new Maryland law that Ken Mays helped to negotiate.   Click here to read.

Now Offering Goose Repellent

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          Scientific Plant Service is now providing goose repellent for commercial properties.  This service needs to be started before the geese start nesting.

          Call 410-321-0970 and ask for Brian or send an email:

Brian Haga - CoreTect Tablets - Interview

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Vice President of operations, Brian Haga, was interviewed about our use of CoreTect Tablets.  Click here to read the full article.