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Preventive Disease Treatments

          Leaf and stem disease are only treatable with preventative applications of fungicides. 


          Proper diagnosis of a disease problem is crucial.  When treatable* disease problems are identified, we schedule a series of applications that are applicable to your particular problem.  One treatment is not enough!  Depending on the control product to be used and disease problem,  we recommend repetitive treatments from 2 – 6 times per season.  

       While most disease we see in our landscape have suggested treatments by various fungicide manufactuers, we find that they are not always as successful as we would like when used in a "real life" situation.   In many cases, we recommend trying the preventive routines for several years and if satisfactory results aren't achived, to discontinue the applications.


*There are diseases that may not be controlable or, in our minds, not economically practical to take on, therefore, we will not make recommendations.