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Nutrient Management & Soil Testing

         Our entire service area lies within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed keeping us aware of nutrient management. 

          Our basic program contains basic needs. Soil tests are performed on all turf properties (required by MD state law) to determine any additional needs.  Soil samples are extracted from your lawn, sealed in  special containers and sent out to an independent lab for a professional analysis.   When test results show the need for adjustments in Phosphorus, Potassium or pH, we then make recommendations to resolve those deficiencies. 


          The POLYON fertilizer in our programs is so efficient and effective that we actually apply 30% less nitrogen than conventional programs with results that rival anyone in the market.  We have special software that allows us to custom design fertilizer blends that best suit our current climatic conditions.  Nitrogen release is calibrated on a weekly basis in the amounts and times that grass plants will be efficiently utilized, therefore, there is little to no loss or run-off potential of nitrogen.