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Lawn Care

Lawn care is easy with our weed and feed program. We can make it grow, but you get to mow!


Basic 1-2-3 Weed & Feed

          That’s right , it’s as easy as 1,2,3, to have a healthy, good looking lawn. As the first company to apply POLYON fertilizer in the area, it's unique characteristics make it possible to provide sufficient nutrition to your lawn for the entire year with just 2 granular treatments.   

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Crucial Cultural Tools

          The key to a healthly thick lawn with reduced pesticide applications is to implement good cultural practices.  This includes:

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Grubs and Insects

          Our professional licensed diagnosticians inspect and evaluate your turf to determine the need for insecticides for grubs or other insects.

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Nutrient Management & Soil Testing

         Our entire service area lies within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed keeping us aware of nutrient management. 

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Our Promise and Guarantee


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