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Infield Maintenance

          There’s more to athletic fields than just grass! Proper infield maintenance on baseball/softball diamonds is paramount! Ball reaction, drainage and good footing are considerations when formulating an infield maintenance schedule. We fine grade our infields to assure proper movement of water from the playing surface. We then apply only the finest clay based mix using a top-dresser to assure a uniform layer which reduces the risk of “bird baths” in the play area. Regular rolling and careful dragging is a must throughout the season.


          The two major wear areas on a diamond are the batter’s box and pitcher’s mound. We build the entire mound from our special infield clay mix to wear, then inlay clay bricks to specification in the kick and landing area. These clay bricks are inlayed into the batter’s / catcher’s boxes to insure good footing and eliminate the wear of “digging in”. A properly built and maintained infield, using quality products, will reduce rainouts and provide a safe uniform surface for many years.