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Grading / Sodding / Goal Repair

          All natural turf facilities sustain normal use injury every season. Fields should be kept safe and playable by rehabbing face-off and goal mouths after each season. This is a simple process of stripping the existing surface, verifying grade to avoid puddeling and re-installing new sod.

          Eventually, no matter how much maintenance is performed, your playing surface will need to be replaced. Like an inner tube in a tire, after too many patches it becomes ineffective! SPS has all of the tools needed to give your field a face-lift. Our Rotadairon Soil Conditioner is the must have tool for tilling under an existing field and preparing it for fine grading and big roll sod installation. We only use “big roll” sod on our sod installations no matter if they are 500 sq. ft. or 50,000 sq. ft. Big roll sod is delivered to us in rolls that are 42” wide and 120’ long (420 sq. ft.) versus palletized sod which is typically cut in strips containing 9 sq. ft. Fewer seams help the sod to grow in much faster and provides a smooth, uniform playing surface.

Whether it’s repairing a goal or replacing an entire field, SPS has the expertise and equipment to provide tilling, fine grading, soil amendments and sod installation on your facility!