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Deer Repellent

This program can save you thousands of dollars in landscape plantings.

          There’s no escaping them! If you live anywhere near open space or reservoirs, you can bet there is a population of white tail deer near you. During winter months when their food source is limited they’ll seek out lush landscapes and devour them. In the spring it seems as though they know exactly when you put those fresh new annuals in the ground and in the fall they strip the bark off young trees during rut season. All of this loss and damage can be prevented when you sign up for our “Deer Repellent Program”! With monthly applications of our organic based solutions that are targeted for the prime pickings that deer go after.


          We make applications twelve (12) months out of the year. When you sign up for six (6) or more consecutive monthly treatments we will make additional treatments throughout the month “FREE” if feeding damage occurs. (Feeding damage can occur on new plants added since last application, new growth/blossoms since last application or from being sprayed repeatedly with your sprinkler system) Programs with fewer than six (6) treatments do not carry any warranty. Throughout the year we rotate the use of 3-4 different products to avoid deer resistance. 

          Our program will help keep deer from feeding on your plants, however, it won’t keep deer off of your property. Beware! As deer travel they transport the deadly “DEER TICK” which spreads LYME DISEASE. We can fog your property and wood lines where deer travel during the prime tick breeding seasons of spring and fall to keep your family and pets safe from the deer ticks’ LYME DISEASE.