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Custom Spraying and Fertilization

          Disease management, weed, grass insect control and nutrient management are all processes that should be left to a professional. The accuracy of our computerized application equipment will give you peace of mind knowing that pesticides will be applied to your facility precisely at label recommendations for maximum effect. We can custom design an annual program, work “on call” or apply your pesticides for you. Additional custom applications include plant growth regulators (PGR) specialized nutrients and drainage/soil enhancers.

          Turf nutrition starts with soil testing, making it possible for us to formulate an effective nutrient program. The basic nitrogen source for all of our programs is POLYON fertilizer. The unique action of Polyon makes it possible for us to apply a full years’ worth of Nitrogen with a single application. That means fewer applications, uniform color throughout the season with no flushes of growth and fewer chances of application setbacks. Deficiencies in Phosphorus, Potassium and pH levels are addressed on an as needed basis. When you call, we respond. In most cases we will be on your property in 24 hours or less to meet your needs.