Call: 410-321-0970

Licenses / Certifications

     Maryland Department of Agriculture                       Business License # 488    Certificate # 126282

    "Pesticide SectionRegulation Section"                     Certifed Applicators:

     50 Harry S. Truman Paryway                                        Stephen Griner        Ken Mays       Gary Wisniewski

     Annapolis, Maryland  21401                                          Brian Haga              Damian Varga

     410-841-5710                                                            Categories: Aquatic, Ornament, Turf, Right-of-Way

                                                                                                       Industrial Weed 



     Commonwealth of Pennsylvania                               Business License # BU9749

     Depatment of Agriculture                                        Certified Applicators:

     Bureau of Plant Indusrty / Pesticide                        Ken  Mays 

     2301 North Cameron Street                                         Categories: Aquatic, Ornament, Turf, Right-of-Way

     Harrisburg, Pennsylvania  17110                                                      Industrial Weed




     Commonwealth of Virginia                                       Business License # 10103   Certificate # 108538-C

     Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services            

     Post Office Box 1163

     Richmond,  Virginia  23218                                           Categories: Aquatic, Ornament, Turf, Right-of-Way

     804-786-3501                                                                               Industrial Weed



     Maryland Department of Natural Resources              Licensed Tree Experts  

                  "Forest  Service"                                          Individuals:

     580  Taylor Avenue                                                      Ken Mays                #000033

     Tawes State Office Building                                           Gary  Wisniewski      #000379

     Annapolis,  Maryland  21401                                           Damian  Varga         #000399

     410-260-8367                                                              Stephen  Griner       #001726



     Redexium - Charterhouse                                           Certified Contractor

                                                                                      "Verti-Drain   &   Veri-Top"